What is Automation Testing?

Performing Automation Testing involves using special software application equipment to execute a set of test cases through the use of automated testing software. The Manual Testing method, however, involves a person sitting in front of a computer attentively executing the testing steps.

Automated testing software can also enter test data into the System Under Test, evaluate predicted and actual outcomes, and generate distinct test reports. It requires significant investments of time and money to automate software tests.

In order to achieve continuous improvement, the same check suite will need to be executed repeatedly. By utilizing a check automation tool, it’s possible to report this check suite and replay it as needed. Automation eliminates the need for human intervention in the check suite. As a result, Test Automation has an accelerated return on investment. Automated testing is meant to limit the number of instances that should be run manually, not eliminate it entirely.


What is the purpose of Test Automation??

Software program testing can be made more effective, more thorough, and faster by using test automation. It is essential for software programs to be checked out automatically as a result of the following reasons:

1. It is time-consuming and expensive to manually test all workflows, fields, and bad cases

2. Manually checking for multilingual websites is difficult

3. Software program testing no longer requires human intervention with test automation. Unattended computerized checks are possible.

4. Automating tests will speed up the execution of checks.

5. Test Coverage is extended with automation.

6. Manual testing can become boring and, therefore, error-prone.


Now, we understood the effectiveness of Automation Testing. Let us now understand the benefits of the same.

Benefits of Test Automation include:

1. Compared to guide testing, it is 70% faster

2. Software features are checked on a broader basis

3. Result-oriented and reliable

4. Cost-effective and time-saving

5. Provides more accurate results

6. An increase in the speed at which tests can be executed

7. The scripts for the checks can be reused

There are much more benefits we can achieve through Automation testing. These are just a few that we are trying to know in this Blog. If you are looking for learning more about it, Join a course or attend a Demo class at iHub which will give you some more insights.


Next, Careers and Skills for Automation Testing?

It is estimated that automation check engineers earn INR 5 lakhs per year on average at the start of their careers. As a result of these competencies required for Perfect careers, testing automation continues to be a popular profession desired for specialists in the IT sector. Now, it is only possible for you to excel in this career if you have the skillset required for the role like:


1. Understanding of at least one programming language

It is necessary to have fundamental coding skills in order to write the check cases for the automation checking out job. Programming languages such as Java, C#, Ruby, PHP, Python, and others are used for writing computerized testing scripts. Hence, programming languages are necessary for writing test scripts and diagram automation frameworks.

2. Automation Testing Tools Knowledge

A fundamental understanding of an automation testing tool is important if you see yourself as a QA automation tester. A few of the most used automation tools are Test Complete, Selenium, and Cucumber etc.,

3. Skills in Analytical Thinking

Software program testers must possess analytical skills in order to be environmentally friendly. By breaking a complex software program machine down into smaller segments, one can better understand it. In addition to these smaller devices, essential evaluation is a crucial skill for QA automation test engineers.

4. Ability to communicate effectively

Whether an individual is in the IT field or not, communication skills are a fundamental requirement. In order to produce reviews that are easy to read and understand, software program testers need to have excellent written and verbal communication skills. As a QA tester, you will also need to communicate with developers in case of bugs and other problems. As a result, communication skills are crucial.


To Conclude,

Automation has become an increasingly crucial part of improving the performance of enterprise processes in the post-Covid world. In light of that, it may be safe to say that starting a career in this discipline today makes a greater amount of experience than ever before. So, if you are considering a career in Automation Testing, just do it and seek the right guidance and learn the right way.

If you are interested in learning about this, we at iHub talent provides you with one of the best coaching available. If there are any other courses you’re interested in, please visit our website under the courses section. Hope this article was helpful for gaining some insights about Automation Testing.